Get To Know Your Local Security Expert, Alan Pinger


Alan Pinger

Hi! My name is Alan Pinger (I’m the older one in the picture). I thought I’d show off my granddaughter while I’m at it. Before locating up on the coast here, I had spent the past 27 years down in the San Francisco Bay area. While there I done projects for fortune 500 companies, such as Apple and NEC. I also serviced thousands of homes, from condos to homes over 10,000 sq. ft. I thoroughly enjoy giving people the peace of mind they’re looking for. Nothing is more pleasing than calling on someone a week or so after their system is put in, and hearing them breathing the sigh of relief knowing their peace of mind for their security needs have been met.


Hi-Tech Security was founded with the desire to serve the needs of the Coastal Community. Many people have recognized the need for a local company who is devoted to Security. At Hi-Tech, we are passionate about our desire to design and install systems that will deliver to you the peace of mind you seek. Being in the industry for over 32 years, we’ve been to many homes and businesses that were recent victims of burglaries and robberies. We can fit you into a system that will both protect you, and meet your budget.

At Hi-Tech Security, our motto is Prompt Excellent Service. Putting in a reliable system is an art, one we’ve worked years to achieve. Yet, all that would be meaningless if we do not back up what we do with prompt service. We’re a local company, which means quick response. We at Hi-Tech service from Klamath in the south, to Gold Beach in the North.

We stay abreast of all the latest technologies, so that we can truly provide you with the highest quality system at the most reasonable price. We subscribe to many of the periodicals that are available in the security trade. Hi-Tech is a member of several professional alarm associations. We also attend trade shows to see first hand the products in action before we consider them for our customers.

Servicing Our Customers

Many companies can install your system. How many are actually located here. You’d be surprised that most of them are out of town, some down in Eureka, some up in Coos Bay. So, it’s no surprise that you can’t get immediate service response. Most of the calls we get are handled the very same day. Now that’s comforting. Imagine you’re about to go away on a vacation. You go over to test the alarm and find out something's wrong. Yet, it's Friday at 4 PM, and the company from out of town is telling you the best they can do is get a service tech out the following Tuesday. Won’t happen here.


Many of the local companies, especially ones out of Eureka, use Proprietary equipment. What that means is that they’ve signed an exclusive deal with some manufacturer, and only they can service the equipment. So, if you were no longer happy with them, you’d have to replace most of the system. They do that purposely, to keep you locked into using their services. I’ve never bought into that way of thinking. I keep my customers loyalty by giving them quality equipment, at a great price from the get go.


It's easy to claim ‘high quality’. What we do is to use products that have proven themselves both in performance and duration. It’s tough with newer cutting edge products. We do extensive research, and have sources in the industry that give us the test bench results on how the products handle. That’s integrity you can feel confidence in.